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Hawk Associates provides the most discreet top-tier specialised crisis management, forensic investigations, security, and corporate counterintelligence services across South Africa (some global). We offer a variety of government lobby services assisting our clientele with timely business regulatory and compliance solutions, we simply cut through the red tape. Based in Cape Town South Africa, with a presence in Pretoria/ Tshwane and associates located across the world.

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Reshaping the landscape of security and crisis Management Globally.

Our boutique firm has the sharpest minds aboard allowing us the agility to address the most complex of problems with effective out-of-the-box thinking and technology where we apply actionable solutions without the restraints of red tape. Allowing us to give your interest the competitive edge you seek in todays competitive market place.

We Solve Real World Problems with the best in the business.

Crisis Management, Lobbying, Security & Corporate counter Intelligence Solutions.

Risk Assessments for Corporations and Families

Step one is evaluating our clientele's exposure to potential vulnarability, risk and security threats. In addition to doing due diligence on perspective new staff, partnerships, JV's and business transactions feasibility. Giving you the cutting edge in your discussion making.

Corporate Counter Intelligence

We will give you the competitive advantage in business and in the safety of protecting your loved one's with our Intelligence solutions. We utilize state of the art technology and professional expertise in protecting your most valued interest.

Covert Security Escorts & VIP Protection

We provide discreet personal protection, estate security and covert mobile support for high-value freight goods and clientele.

Asset Recovery

We have the ability to recover assets in South Africa and around globe.

Forensic Investigations, Auditing and Disputes

We have the ability and know how to uncover internal corruption, violations of company policies, criminal investigations and the private prosecution of cases by perpetrators through our in house legal council (South Africa). Our abilities to look into disputes are there to give our clients the leading advantage in decision making.

Specialized Training

We offer state of the art advanced Law Enforcement, and Government security related training to vetted agencies across Sub Saharan Africa by leading instructors.

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Bradley Steyn

Founder & CEO, Hawk Associates
Board Member

Mawande Zukhanye Seti-Baza

Co-Chairperson Hawk Associates.

Jeremy Vearey

Maj General, SAPS, Retired
Board Member

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